Second International Congress on "En face" OCT imaging - Advances in OCT - OCT Angiography

Organizers: Bruno Lumbroso (Rome), Gabriel Coscas (Paris), David Huang (Portland) and Philip J. Rosenfeld (Miami)
Coordinators: Andre Romano (São Paulo), Martine Mauget-Faysse (Paris), Marco Rispoli (Rome)
Honorary President: Rosario Brancato (Milan)

Guest of honor: Carmen Puliafito - Los Angeles (USA)


Over the past years, OCT has become the gold standard for imaging the posterior pole. In the last 5 years, one of the more exciting advances has been the emerging field of “En face” OCT imaging, which has revolutionized our ability to visualize the posterior pole. More recently, OCT noninvasive dyeless Angiography has opened new possibilities for the study of macula and posterior pole pathology.

Recently, with the publication of the “En face” OCT Clinical Atlas, the First International Congress on “En face” OCT imaging held in Rome in December 2013 and the recent success of the SIG (Special Interest Group) session on OCT “En face” at last ARVO in Orlando (Moderators: Bruno Lumbroso e Philip Rosenfeld) we believe that “En face” imaging has arrived. The First International Congress on “En face” OCT was a great success. We had 73 speakers from 19 Countries and 670 attendees from 27 countries. The meeting was a resounding success.

The Second International Congress on “Enface” OCT, OCT Angiography and Advances in OCT will be an informative event with current cutting-edge imaging strategies discussed.

In addition, there will be a session dedicated to non-invasive OCT angiography (click on “OCT Angiography: images”).

We will talk about analysis and interpretation of this new imaging technique.

We expect an audience of 600/700 retinal enthusiasts from all over the world.

Bruno Lumbroso, Gabriel Coscas, David Huang and Philip J. Rosenfeld