Retina in Progress 2015 – 11-12-13 Giugno, Firenze

Direttore Scientifico: Alfredo Pece
Presidenti: R. Brancato - U.Menchini

International guests:
N. Bressler
S. Bressler
A. Brucker
G. Coscas
L. Singermann
G. Soubrane
L. Yannuzzi
T. Wolfensberger


Welcome to the three-day 2015 7th Retina in Progress international meeting.
International experts in retinal diseases will illustrate the latest developments in the field of retinal pathologies.
The speakers at the conference - an elite group of researchers and clinicians - will present the findings of their latest studies on the diagnosis and management of vitreoretinal diseases.
Since our last meeting two years ago, advances in imaging, ocular genetics, molecular biology, immunology and ophthalmology have led to new diagnosis and treatment concepts.
The meeting will begin with a half-day satellite session to discuss topics such as macular oedema, macular degeneration, retinal occlusion, etc.
Additional workshops, clinical case presentations, poster and video sessions will take place.
It is also a great opportunity to visit the World Expo that will take place for the first time in Milan from June through October 2015.

Alfredo Pece
Alfredo Pece